Head Doll Appraisal

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  • Manufacturer: Not Just Dolls
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Price $10.00

"Head" Doll Appraisal.

This package is the "Plain Vanilla" approach to our doll appraisals. This "Head" appraisal can be conducted through email with email attachments and paid thru PayPal. With this appraisal we will provide your dolls estimated value. There will be nothing in a document form only in your return email.  We will not comment on the condition of the doll, clothing or box.


All appraisals are "Values of Opinions". We will do our best to give you a fair market value of your doll. What it is worth and what you can sell it for are two different things. Please remember that. You tell us what type of appraisal you would like. Once you accept this then you can pay your invoice thru PayPal.

Appraisals must be paid to our email address appraisals@dollappraisalsonline.com at www.PayPal.com.

In order to provide customers with the level of appraisal for which they desire, we have developed different types of appraisal packages. You may need only the dolls identification and estimated value or you might want a more complete detailed history of the doll and its creator. The following packages allow you to select the appraisal which fits your needs best. All fees must be paid before doll appraisal is released.

We have a few different types of doll appraisals. You choose what you would like.