Kustom Kid doll to look like your child. Deposit only

Kustom Dolls to look like your child
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  • Manufacturer: Kustom Kids by Not Just Dolls
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Kustom design your adorable child forever in a doll! Just purchase this and we will email you an easy order form with all the information. Our Kustom Kids are 22 inch dolls. Kustom Kids are made of top quality vinyl made in the USA not China. Who else can say that. They have soft cloth bodies (sewn in China) but are hand stuffed by us with BRAND NEW stuffing so we know they are safe. You choose your face, skin color, eye color, body style, hair color and style for your Kustom Kid. There are over 4,000,000 doll combinations so you can create your own Look-a-like doll of anyone! The dolls come with no clothes to keep the price more reasonable. Kustom Kids wear real NEWBORN size clothes. You will not have to buy DOLL clothes. Which make it a great buy right there since doll clothes cost more than real baby clothes. So if you have your child's favorite baby outfit put up in a box somewhere it is time to get it out and have a Kustom Kid made of your child and give it to the child to play with, to a grandmother or to anyone special. We will make sure we can custom make you a doll first and then we require a $50 deposit to get the ordered started. The balance is paid when the doll is finished.

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