Jonah 22″ Kustom Kid


This doll comes fully assembled and “ready to dress” or in a kit. Step 1: Choose Skin Color Step 2: Choose Eye Color 3: Choose body style 4. Hair color and wig style. See the samples then make your selection from the drop down menus at the bottom.

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Bebe Wig 22″ Kustom Kid

Brittney Wig 22″ Kustom Kid

Denise Wig 22″ Kustom Kid

Infant Wig 22″ Kustom Kid

Jessica Wig 22″ Kustom Kid

Pia Wig 22″ Kustom Kid

Ruby wig 22″ Kuston Kid

Patty Wig 22″ Kustom Kid


Jonah 22″ Kustom Kid. This doll comes fully assembled and “ready to dress” or you can order as a kit. Our Kustom Kids wear REAL newborn baby size clothes.

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